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Your business depends on fuel deliveries, rely on World Fuel Services.

From hurricanes and snow events to unscheduled pipeline disruptions, tight fuel supply is a seasonal certainty in the Eastern United States. Guard your fuel deliveries by relying on the experts at World Fuel Services. We ensure fleets, facilities, even home furnaces have the energy needed to keep operating effortlessly and efficiently.

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Looking For Marine Physical Supply Locations?

Get the physical marine fuel and lubricant supply you need to keep your operation moving.

Bulk Fuel Deliveries

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, if your fuel runs out, your operation stops. Whether it’s a heavy-duty construction site, maritime operation, retail fuel site, government facility or a fleet of delivery or emergency vehicles, World Kinect Energy Services keeps you operating effortlessly and at full power.

  • Worry-free, on-time deliveries
  • Clean, top quality fuel that performs
  • Remote tank monitoring for more efficient operations
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Find fuel and energy products and services near you

We proudly serve customers throughout the U.S. – and around the world

Full-Service Retail Dealer Fuel Solutions

Your customers expect you to have fuel. Our job is to ensure you constantly exceed their expectations.  With some of the most sought-after brands in the industry, and our own powerful AMSTAR brand, you can count on World Fuel Services to put your gas station into the best position for growth and success.

Protect Your Fuel Budget

Buying fuel at daily rack prices usually means passing cost increases to your customers or absorbing price spikes yourself. There is a better way. Let our fuel market experts show you how to take control of your cash flow by reducing your exposure to fluctuations in the energy market. With World Fuel Services, it’s easy to build the right solution for your budget. 


Does your fleet fuel from the road?

From local delivery trucks to long-haul trucking, we offer drivers access to a vast network of fueling locations, and fleet managers access to the security and visibility necessary to effectively manage one of your company’s largest expenses.  If your mixed fleet gets mixed results fueling from the road, call our fleet experts to streamline a solution for you. 

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Discover why World Kinect Energy Services is the right choice for fuel and energy.

Our team of experts is standing by to answer your questions and provide a solution to your needs. 

Reduce friction and ensure peak performance with top quality lubricants

Keeping heavy-duty trucks and machinery operating smoothly, and automotive service shops running like a well-oiled machine, is what we do. As a licensed distributor of quality Shell / Pennzoil products in Virginia and North Carolina, we can custom fit a solution from our complete line of premium lubricant brands, storage and remote monitoring programs, top quality greases, hydraulic fluids and other complementary products.  



Easy Delivery of the Fuel You Need at Home

Keep your home comfortable and heating well managed with a residential heating solution from World Fuel Services.  Contact us for details on how you can make the most of your home’s oil burning furnace.     

Need More Energy?

Interested in optimizing your entire energy procurement operation? Ask us about  our customized natural gas and electricity procurement offers as well as sustainability and energy consulting to small and large businesses and institutions worldwide.


“Thank you. I never have to worry about running out of fuel and I feel like a valued customer.”
Shawn Garnett, Triton Stone Group

Our Products
  • Diesel
  • Bio Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • Marine Fuel
  • Aviation Fuel
  • Kerosene
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
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