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WFS truck pumping fuel into ground

We understand your ability to deliver depends 100% on ours.

A vital part of any business operation, fuel is the stuff that keeps truck wheels turning, heavy-duty equipment humming and back offices off your back. That’s why being on time is something we take very seriously. That's why we continue to make significant investments in trucks, technology and 24/7 customer support.

Worry-free bulk fuel for every operation

Keeping the fuel flowing through your operation should be a no-brainer. Whether you operate a heavy-duty construction site, a fleet of delivery trucks, a logging operation or a retail gas station, fuel keeps your business moving. World Fuel Services works to make sure you never have to stop due to a lack of fuel.

Need bulk fuel procurement? Count on us to deliver whatever you need to ensure your fuel operation runs as efficiently as possible:

  • On-time deliveries you can count on
  • Clean, top quality fuel that performs
  • Remote tank monitoring for more efficient operations
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Find fuel and energy products and services near you

We proudly serve customers throughout the U.S. – and around the world

Our Products and Services




The wrong lubricant in the right application can be a costly mistake

Conversely, the right lubricant in the right application decreases unscheduled downtime and increases component life. Keep your machinery or vehicles running at peak performance by relying on the lubricant experts at World Fuel Services.

Committed to the long-term profitable growth of your lubricant program, World Fuel Services' Western US division has earned the certification of a Chevron 1st Source Elite Lubrication Marketer and has the Phillips 66 Top Tier Marketer status. We earned these designations by exceeding operational standards for quality, safety and environmental excellence, and training our local field personnel to follow through on every promise we make.

Commercial Applications


Phillips 66

Renewable Lubricants

Automotive Applications





Fleet fueling offers benefits beyond onsite tanks

Fleet fueling is our solution to reduce your operational downtime. It lowers costs and mitigates the risk of fuel theft. Find out how easy it is for fuel to be dispensed directly into your truck fleet at a time that is convenient for you.

Convenience & control with fuel cards

Mixed fleets have mixed needs when it comes to fueling. From diesel fleets with local deliveries to long haul transportation companies, our customers enjoy card solutions that offer the convenience of nationwide commercial access, the cost benefits of competitive pricing, and the reassurance of a customer support team that watches out for them. Call on our fleet experts to design a fuel card solution that works as hard as you through our numerous networks.

Retail dealer fuel solutions that exceed expectations

When your customers need gas, they expect it will be there when they pull up to your station. Our job is to make sure you exceed their expectations every time. Offering the best brands in the industry, plus our unique proprietary AMSTAR brand, you can count on World Fuel Services to put you in the best position for growth and success.

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Discover why World Fuel Services is the right choice for fuel and energy.

Our team of experts is standing by to answer your questions and provide a solution to your needs. 

Interested in becoming one of our drivers?

This is not just a job, it’s a road to provide for you and your family AND have fun doing it!

West Coast Non-Driver Positions

Grow with us in the West Coast with the US Land division of World Fuel Services!

Control your fuel budget with price risk management services

Are you passing along fuel cost increases to your customers? Do you routinely absorb price spikes yourself? If you buy fuel at daily rack prices, there is a better way. Let our fuel market experts show you how to take control, by reducing your exposure to fluctuations in the energy market.

Is your oil ISOCLEAN?

Lubricant experts tell us that particle contamination is the leading cause of wear and ultimately component and engine failure. We have invested in technology that cleans new oil improving the ISO Cleanliness code of your oil which will increase your equipment life!

Why clean new oil?

The journey of the oil from blend plant to your equipment presents many opportunities for lubricants to pick up contamination. Microscopic particles in your oil can cause wear-related equipment failure and it’s important that the oil you put into your equipment meets the OEM ISO Cleanliness codes when YOU put your oil into your equipment. Using Certified ISOCLEAN lubricants, along with oil analysis, will help you achieve significant savings in equipment costs and downtime.

Associated Petroleum Forms

To apply for credit for APP, simply print the credit application that best applies to you and fax it to (866) 696-1277 or email to [email protected]. Credit approval is approximately 3-5 business days. Feel free to call at (253) 627-6179 or (800) 929-5243 if you have any questions. All forms are in Adobe PDF format; if you need the reader, download it now