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Fleet Fueling

On-Site Fleet Fueling

Keep Your drivers on the road, not fueling at the pump.

What is Fleet Fueling?

Also known as wet-hosing, mobile fueling or on-site fueling, fleet fueling is a service where we deliver fuel directly into your vehicles or other on-site equipment, instead of into on-site tanks. Deliveries are scheduled when your fleet is “home” at a time that’s convenient for you, day or night. Typically, more economical and efficient in terms of time and money, fleet fueling is also a lot less hassle.

Why Fleet Fueling?

1. Optimize driver schedules by freeing them up to stay on the road.

2. No need for on-site fuel tanks, or the paperwork needed to install one.

3. Let us deliver the fuel to you, so your vehicles can get straight to work.

Why World Kinect Energy Services?

As fleet managers ourselves, World Kinect Energy Services is uniquely positioned to truly understand the challenges of keeping a fleet fueled and on the road. We know what it takes to manage fuel and costs from just about every angle and can look at which solutions are best suited for your operation.


Ready to put your energy to work?

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3 Things to Consider for Mobile Fueling

Known also as wet-hosing, fleet fueling or on-site fueling, is typically more economical in terms of time and money.