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Manufacturing robotic arms plant

Keep your manufacturing operation up and running

Complex and changing regulations, global competition, and tightening supply chains all increase pressure on manufacturing businesses. We can help keep your production lines moving with reliable energy solutions.


Our experts are ready to show you how to use energy to help drive your manufacturing business forward. Contact us today for a full consultation.

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Case Studies

Fibertex Personal Care Case Study

Fibertex saves €4.2m on annual energy costs with partnership from Kinect Energy Group.

Case Studies

Skjern Papirfabrik Case Study

Skjern Papirfabrik optimizes energy procurement with portfolio management


Offering Industrial Strength Energy Solutions

Your manufacturing facility needs a blend of energy related products so your operations run smoothly at maximum capacity.

Case Studies

TripleNine Case Study

TripleNine saved 20% with a flexible energy approach