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Bulk Fuel Delivery Services

If the success of your daily operation hinges on timely and reliable bulk fuel deliveries – put your trust in a distributor that specializes in the local delivery and storage of over 20 billion gallons of premium diesel, gasoline, kerosene, and biofuels world-wide.

Worry-Free Delivery of Premium Fuel Products

From family farms and local roadside construction to complex multi-site industrial operations, we are uniquely positioned with local assets & strategic partners to get you the fuel you need, when and where you need it … on time and in full.

World Kinect Services 360 Fuel Solutions

If operating at peak efficiency is part of your job, rely on a distributor that can help with your entire fuel operation. From fuel additives to fuel cards, lubricants, and flexible pricing programs - we deliver solutions that make it easier for you to do your job.

Fuel Storage & Monitoring

If you need fuel, you need to store it. Is your onsite fuel set up as effectively as it could be? We offer industry-leading diesel fuel tank solutions with flexible purchasing or leasing programs, as well as access to your inventory levels from your laptop or a smartphone.

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Count on World Kinect Energy Services to deliver more than just fuel. Our teams of local on-site experts specialize in fuel and energy management services that help fleets and on-site operations keep running and at peak efficiency.

Ask about Emergency Fuel and Equipment

We can help make sure you have the fuel and backup power needed to keep operating ... before the next natural disaster or large national emergency.

360° Fuel Management Solutions:

Why Additive Your Diesel Fuel?

Classified as “hard to treat,” today’s ultra-low sulfur distillate (ULSD) fuels often contain greater quantities of heavy wax and higher water concentrations, keeping them from responding to many anti-gel additives or No. 1 blending as they once did. At World Kinect Energy Services, our fleet relies on a year-long fuel quality program designed to improve the operability of today’s fuel ... even in the severest of weather conditions. Ask our experts what may work best for you.

What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)?

For diesel engines 2010 and newer – DEF is a key factor in how efficiently you can run your operation. Descriptor line. For some, onsite bulk storage is a viable option. Could that make DEF more practical for you? Check it out.

When You Need Back Up Power Partner

For mission critical operations, a 24/7 uninterrupted flow of power and fuel is vital … Our team of energy first responders can help ensure you have what you need - before the next natural disaster or large national emergency creates hiccups in the supply chain.

Sustainability Solutions & Carbon Neutral Fuel

Whether driven by a company goal for a greener more carbon neutral footprint, or you need to comply with increasing regulatory obligations, World Kinect Energy Services is uniquely positioned to offer the expertise needed to help build a more sustainable future for your operation.


Back Up Your Onsite Fueling - Offsite with Fuel Cards

Adding fuel cards as a back up to your onsite fuel program offers your business the ideal fueling solution. World Kinect Energy Services fleet fuel cards integrate seamlessly into how you currently fuel your fleet, providing the controls, convenience, security, and flexibility you need to manage and save on fuel purchases.

customer support

Outstanding customer care, expertise and seamless delivery service make World Kinect Energy Services an industry-leading bulk fuel supplier.  Reach out to us today.   

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Dependable Bulk Fueling

Offering a full spectrum of quality petroleum products, World Fuel Services is your complete energy resource.