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Bulk Fuel Delivery Services

If your day-to-day operations depend on timely and reliable bulk fuel deliveries – trust a distributor that specializes in the safe, local delivery of over 20 billion gallons of premium diesel, gasoline, kerosene, and biofuels world-wide.

Bulk Fuel Delivery Designed Around Your Needs

We know that every business has unique needs when it comes to fuel deliveries. Some businesses need fuel delivered daily, while other companies require it much less frequently. Similarly, different companies need various types of bulk fuel. We strive to provide superior customer service by customizing our fuel delivery to accommodate each company's specific needs. We can tailor fuel delivery to meet your unique needs by utilizing price management services and data collection. We'll deliver the fuel you need on whatever schedule is convenient for you, and because we supply a wide variety of fuel types, you can trust us to help keep your company running smoothly with our Premium Diesel Fuel and Biofuel supply.




A Worldwide Network Built on Local Service

We provide a global network of local fuel delivery services. World Kinect Energy Services is available in markets all around the world, but we maintain the professionalism, dedication, and customer service of local operators. Our delivery specialists know the customers in their area and are committed to safe and consistent deliveries.

Making Reliability a Top Priority

Reliability is the most important characteristic of an effective fuel delivery supply chain. Your business counts on having fuel ready for its vehicles and/or equipment. At World Kinect Energy Services, we understand this. Getting bulk fuel deliveries to you on time every time is our highest priority.

We approach this by acting as your fuel delivery partner. This is more than just a vendor-customer relationship. Your success is our success.


“We operate a lot of equipment in multiple shifts, with a lot of customers that depend on our ability to get materials into the marketplace. A company like yours [World Kinect] that is working with us hand in hand, ensures we truly do not have hiccups in our supply.”

Jim Twitty Plant Superintendent, CalPortland Mining

Fuel Storage Solutions

One of the main questions for bulk fuel customers is what to do with all the fuel. World Kinect Energy Services can help you there as well. We provide tank solutions to help you to achieve cost-effective fuel storage and inventory management. Let our fuel advisors plan comprehensive fuel delivery and logistics services for your business.


Onsite Fleet Fueling

Another way to manage onsite delivery of bulk fuel is with onsite fleet fueling or mobile fueling. This is a contact-less service where we deliver fuel directly into your vehicles or equipment on a schedule when your fleet is “home”, day or night. Your drivers come to work, and your fleet is ready to go.

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Fleet Fuel Cards

Fuel cards as a back up, offers the ideal fueling solution. World Kinect Energy Services fleet fuel cards integrate seamlessly into how you currently fuel your fleet, providing the controls, convenience, security, and flexibility you need to manage and save on fuel purchases.

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Fixed Forward Pricing

Buying fuel at daily low rack prices, may save you money today – but may not be the best bet over the long haul. Many customers choose Fixed Forward Pricing as a hedging solution that allows them to budget better and have greater assurance of their supply. Want to know more?

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360° Fuel Management

If operating at peak efficiency is important to you, start by knowing which fueling solutions are best suited to your specific operation.

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At World Kinect, our fuel advisors help you determine which combination of products and services are best suited for saving you time and saving you money, all while saving you the hassle of trying to figure it out on your own.

Alternative Fueling Options

World Kinect Energy Services provides comprehensive energy solutions. If bulk fuel delivery isn’t right for your business, we can empower you with options such as the following:

We will also support your physical fuel supply with pricing management, data management, and sustainability planning.

Learn more about partnering with World Kinect Energy Services today.


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Dependable Bulk Fueling

Offering a full spectrum of quality petroleum products, World Fuel Services is your complete energy resource.