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Fuel Retailer Branded Programs

Branding your gas station creates immediate name recognition and trust from customers. World Kinect represents and delivers 20+ of the best known brands across the U.S. Be the brand you want to be. Access all major supplier branding programs, including our own Amstar® brand.

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Branded vs. Unbranded Fuel – What works best for you?

Branded fuel supply has special additives added to the basic gas. Those additives make the engine perform better, prolonging its life and sometimes can help reduce emission levels. If you are a fuel retailer, offering branded gasoline, petrol or diesel, on average you are going to pay more for the product. Gas sold without any kind of brand attached to it, is considered unbranded. The gas must meet federal and state regulations to meets certain standards.

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As a fuel retailer – how do I make the choice?

It's an important business decision. Brands have their own identity and customer experience. Branding brings name recognition and nationwide advertising. You may be restricted to which brand you have at your site, based on location and proximity to other stations. A downside to being unbranded is that in a shortage situation, there could be no guaranteed gas supply. (Branded stations typically get priority from their contracts.)


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How can World Kinect Energy Services help?

World Kinect is here to help you make the best decision. We provide access and support for all major branded gasoline marketing programs for operators. We offer project planning for new ground-up locations or the remodel of gas/fuel facilities and turnkey branded image conversions.

Our Amstar® brand, offered by World Kinect, lets retailers enjoy the quality fuel that customers want, without expensive branded program requirements.

Work with a partner and industry leader you can trust

While location, ease of access and price are still critical to selling fuel, you control the site location and know your customers. With a portfolio of programs to help with your sites image/signage, mystery shop, convenience store advisory service, contract fuel pricing / delivery and more: let World Kinect help brand your station.

Access Major Retail Fuel Branding Programs to Help Grow Your Business.

Be the Brand You Want to Be.  Our Portfolio:

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World Kinect Represents the Best Known Brands Across the U.S.

Be the brand you want to be. Access 20+ major supplier branding programs.