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World Kinect Tanker

What is Onsite Fleet Fueling?

Also known as, Mobile Fueling or Wet-Hosing, Onsite Fleet Fueling is a contact-less service where we deliver fuel directly into your vehicles or equipment. Deliveries are scheduled when your fleet is “home”, day or night. Your drivers come to work, and your fleet is ready to go.

Benefits of Fleet Fueling

  • Contact-free delivery to keep your employees safer and your fleet clean

  • Fewer issues with tank regulations, insurance, and contamination
  • Fewer accidents or less theft at the pump
  • Cost control with accurate fuel usage reporting by vehicle
  • Less driver downtime.

How Does it Work?

  • Fleets using different products can be fueled at the same time 
  • Up to 120 vehicles could be serviced with one-driver delivery
  • We can arrive after hours; you don’t have to be there
  • Onsite Fleet Fueling can replace or complement your bulk tanks
  • You can adjust delivery time and gallons with one phone call.

" World Kinect’s really made our business explode in the sense of efficiencies. It starts from first thing in the morning. The guys are fueled, ready to go. We're not stopping and fueling vehicles and worrying about stolen equipment or accidents on-site. And it's made a big difference for us.” -  David Ward, Owner, Next to Nature Landscape, KS. 


Ready to put your fleet straight to work?

Our Onsite Fuel experts have a few simple questions that can help you quantify just how much fleet fueling can help your operation. Contact us today to find out more.

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Let us take fleet fueling into our own hands. You don’t have to touch it.